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La prima scuola di inglese principalmente dedicata all’istruzione di bambini e ragazzi a Sulmona. 


Why learn with us?


We believe in the power of education

A good education and knowledge of languages open all the doors in life


We are passionate about languages

Our teachers love languages, studying them and teaching them


We are qualified teachers

The key to learning is trust - in yourself but also in the teacher


We are always dedicated

Everyone deserves the opportunity to build their future

Children's Courses

English is an investment in your children's future

Teenagers Courses

We help teens prepare to communicate in the real world

Corsi Individuali

Vorresti imparare l’inglese o migliorare il tuo livello?


Why learn English?

Travel Around the World

The world is small and English is the only language spoken in every country. Have you ever found yourself in difficulty trying to communicate while on holiday? Never again! 

Improve Your Opportunities

More and more businesses are asking for English language skills. Invest in your future and your child's. Learn English today.

Business Travel & Communication

English is the official language of business. If you want to stay one step ahead of the rest, take a Business English course with us.

Speak to More People

Learning English allows you to speak with 2 billion people across the globe - from the tourist in your city to the director of an international company.

Prendere Controllo del Tuo Futuro

Quante volte hai sentito “Se solo parlassi un’altra lingua”? Parlare un’altra lingua non è una questione di fortuna o destino. Sei capace di cambiare il tuo futuro e quello dei tuoi figli proprio oggi. 


Our Courses

Children's Courses

Languages open doors in life. Children are able to study languages without getting stuck. Learning a second language isn't about talent or predisposition but passion. With us, your children learn English in an efficient but above all fun way!

Adolescent Courses

Teenagers today have big dreams. They want to travel and see the world. They want to study and work abroad. All of this is possible if they know English. Our teachers can give them that opportunity.

Adult Courses

It's never too late to learn something new! Often adult students have language barriers that they have to overcome. Thanks to our teachers, every year more and more adults start communicating in English. Even you can do it! What are you waiting for? 



Do you have to prepare an English exam? We can help!


Online Courses

Can't attend a course at the school? We can still help you from a distance!


In-Company Training

We offer in-house training for company workers who need to improve their English

Learn from Home

Our Online Courses

Following and online course is economic and comfortable. Our teachers adapt to your needs. An efficient solution for who can't come to a course at the school.


Our Blog

Studiare l’inglese da adulti

Studiare l’inglese da adulti

Le lingue devono essere apprese da bambini, da adulti è quasi impossibile. Quante volte abbiamo sentito questa frase, autoconvincendoci che sarebbe stato impossibile riuscire a raggiungere un buon livello in inglese, e quindi lasciando perdere in partenza? Tra voi...

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We believe in you but you have to believe in yourself! Contact us today and start building your new future.

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